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Congratulations, Jochen, on being named Weaving Teacher of the Year by Handwoven magazine and Weaving Today!
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Jochen at the art fair in Rockford
Jochen's booth at the art fair in Rockford
Jochen displaying his scarves
The scarves are available in a wide selection of colors
Here is a closeup of one of the scarves.
Jochen also makes rugs in a variety of patterns

This rug is 40 in  X  31 in

Jochen in the news!

Jochen Ditterich was named &quoWeaving Teacher of the Year&quo for 2016 by Handwoven magazine and Weaving Today

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Regular size is 6.5" X 54" $29.50 plus shipping
Long size is 6.5" X 63" $33.50 plus shipping
Shipping may vary depending on quantity ordered

Every scarf is different -- no 2 are the same.
Some of them have at least 4 colors and most of them have 9.

 All rug patterns are 31" wide. Length depends on the pattern.
Cost is $2.00 per running inch plus $15.00 for finger woven edge.
If it is to be used as a hanging add $20.00

Not all Rugs can be hung as the width sometimes does not allow it.
please check.

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